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Our flat fee is $449.00 includes ALL of the following services:


1-Preparation of your Quitclaim Deed.  


2-Preparation of the County Supporting Documents


3-Delivery to the county for Filing


The county filing fee which is separate from our fee could run approximately $180.00



After you've checked out of our shopping cart, you will receive the appropriate workbook which is really a very simple questionnaire.  Once you have the workbook completed,   return it to us anyway below that is convenient for you:

 It's That Easy!

At this point we will have the information necessary to prepare your deed and within several business days it will be ready for signing.  


We The People is a registered Trademark. Operators &/or owners are NOT attorneys. They cannot represent customers or give advice. Services are provided at customers' request & are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Prices do not include court state &/or other third party costs 

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QUITCLAIM DEED Includes Filing Service & County Forms Prep.

Price: $449.00
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