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Our flat fee is $499.00 for preparing all of your basic divorce documents.   

However, we add $50.00 to our flat fee if children (under 21 years old) &/or property/pension plans are involved bringing it to $549.00.     

If you think your spouse won't sign, you will have the option of having your spouse served and therefore your divorce will go to court with only one signature.

Separate from our above fee, there are the court filing fees: the GOOD NEWS is these fees are NOTneeded upfront.

 In the middle of the process the first court fee will be $210.00

 At the end of the process the last court fee will be $130.00

After you've checked out of our shopping cart, you will receive the appropriate workbook which is really a very simple questionnaire.  Once you have the workbook completed,   return it to us anyway below that is convenient for you:


It's That Easy!

At this point we will have the information necessary to prepare the divorce documents and within several business days we will have the first set of documents ready for court.

One of our representatives will contact you to find out if you would like to use our economically priced messenger option.   During the divorce process there are usually four (4) messenger type trips to the court house.  You could do the trips yourself or opt for the messenger service.     

You do NOT need to provide us with your marriage certificate. 

We The People is a registered Trademark. Operators &/or owners are NOT attorneys. They cannot represent customers or give advice. Services are provided at customers' request & are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Prices do not include court state &/or other third party costs 


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DIVORCE-WITH Kids with or without Property/Pensions/Assets/Debts

Price: $549.00
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